From the Desk of the Dean

Fall 2021 Issue


From the Desk of the Dean

The 2021/2022 academic year has begun and like everyone across the country we are approaching this year with concern, advanced preparation and guarded enthusiasm.  It is a joy to see many students and faculty, fully masked and overwhelmingly vaccinated, back in person in the classrooms and laboratories and throughout campus.  Of course, we remain vigilant and continue to promote health checks, extra cleanliness and indoor masking.

This year we welcome Dr. Muhammad Shah Alam Khan to NAMS as an Assistant Professor of Coastal Zone Management.  Dr. Khan will join the faculty of the new Coastal Zone Management Program in January.  In addition, we welcome Drs. Adam Aguiar and Guy Barbato of Biology to the tenure track faculty after years of part-time service.  Also, Mr. Kevin Coffey joins the Biology faculty as a Teaching Specialist after several years of part-time service.  Ms. Christine Schairer has been recently appointed as NAMS Laboratory Assistant Director. Welcome to all in their new roles.               

NAMS continues to develop innovative degree programs like the new PSM/MS in Coastal Zone Management that is opening this fall.  NAMS faculty and staff continue to receive strong internal and external support for research and to involve students in their work.

For example, the USDA has funded Stockton PIs in ENVL and MATH to study maple syrup production and the National Science Foundation recently awarded NAMS PI’s in Biology and Marine Science funds to purchase a new state of the art multi-beam sonar system.  Our faculty staff and students are working on numerous sponsored projects as detailed in this newsletter as well as projects relating to materials science, oyster reefs, seagrass, sediments, eDNA, fungal diseases, teeth whitening agents, sustainable food, forest management, terrapin conservation, living shorelines, and coastal beach and dune conservation to name a few.     

Image of Dr. Peter Straub, Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


NAMS facilities continue to grow and develop with the Hal Taylor Observatory currently looking forward to a new telescope installation this fall made possible by a generous match funding by the Jankowski family and the Marine Field Station looking forward to the delivery of a new coastal teaching vessel in the spring dedicated to the memory of Dr. Rudy Arndt through the generosity of his family.
With a little luck and the support of our alumni and friends, we hope to continue to advance the goals of further developing our Programs and facilities to support inclusive student success and faculty scholarship.      



Dr. Peter Straub

Dean, The School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics