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Stockton Stories

Stockton 50th anniversary co-chairmen and interns, from left, Melissa Tucker, Thomas Kinsella, Ray Dudo, Travis Nagiewicz, Kat Wentzell, Caroline Linton and Ken Tompkins.

Galloway, N.J. – The “Stockton Stories” website is now up and running, preparing and gathering historical information for Stockton’s 50th anniversary of teaching in fall 2021.

Co-Chairs of the commemoration project, Thomas Kinsella and Ken Tompkins, along with student interns, presented the first projects on the website in December.

Every semester, new information regarding Stockton’s history from the last 50 years will be added. All historical materials derive either from archives or contributions from alumni, faculty, staff, and community members.

One intriguing story follows Ken Tompkins’ journey to find the forgotten name of Richard E. Bjork’s executive secretary who was tragically killed in a car accident with her son in 1969.

Researching in Stockton’s archives, Tompkins discovered her name was Berline Stephens, and uncovered the true facts of the incident, as well as her family history and accomplishments.

Another story centers on Lake Fred and the origins behind its name. Kinsella writes about the lake’s history and its special importance to the Stockton community.

Interns contributing to the site in fall 2018 were Melissa Tucker, Ray Dudo, Travis Nagiewicz, Kat Wentzell and Caroline Linton.  Interns for spring 2018 were Courtney Stewart, Taylor Morelli, Marissa Manzo, Sarah Galzerano, Asia Elzey and Laura Cranwell.

In addition to fascinating stories, the website includes photos and videos of Stockton history and even a trivia quiz. One video features Senator Frank “Hap” Farley from 1973, explaining the birth of what was once known as Stockton State College.

Anyone who has interesting stories, photos or videos about Stockton, can share them on the website.

“Do you have stories you want told? Help us do so,” said Kinsella. “We want to work with you.”

To discover intriguing and important aspects of Stockton’s last 50 years, or even submit a story of your own, visit

Reported by Chelsea Doherty

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Diane D’Amico
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