Holocaust Survivors of South Jersey: Biographical Profiles

photgraphs of south jersey holocaust survivors

These brief biographies document some of the hundreds of Holocaust survivors who have lived in Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland counties as well as some adjacent communities. Their life stories remind us not only of one of the darkest chapters of human history, but they are also testaments to resilience, perseverance, and the contributions of refugees and immigrants to our region, to the United States, and indeed to the world. Holocaust survivors were often married to other Survivors; where practical, both Survivor spouses are presented in a single profile.

This website is part of the South Jersey Holocaust Survivors Project of the Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center at Stockton University. For more about the project, which includes an extensive digital archive and digital exhibition currently being developed, visit the project homepage.

Featured Survivors

  • Al and Mary Cinger
  • Arthur and Augusta Goldmeier
  • Bertha Borowick
  • Bina and Chaim Brettler
  • David Hoch
  • Donald Berkman
  • Eda and Herman Holzer
  • Emanuel and Perl Anhalt
  • Eve and Jacob Ackerman
  • Harry and Sonia  Golubcow
  • Helen and Joseph  Finkelstein
  • Helen, Joseph, and Ted Dolotta
  • Henry and Regina  Berger
  • Herbert and Ursula Bernstein
  • Ida Belchatowski
  • Ida and Morris Shkolnik
  • Julia and Max Blum
  • Justin and Ruth  Aufseeser
  • Lusia and Stanley   Igel
  • Maude Dahme
  • Molly and Pinchus Kiejdan
  • Morris and Nettie Adelsberg
  • Morris and Tonia  Altman
  • Myer and Nella Glick
  • Renate Berger
  • Rose and Sidney Jacoby
  • Sally  Charsinsky
  • Sam and Sara Schoffer
  • Stephen Anhalt
  • Sylvia Genoy