Alumni Volunteers

  • Alumni Volunteers Give Back

    Alumni Volunteers Give Back

  • Alumni Volunteers Get Back

    Alumni Volunteers Get Back

  • Alumni Volunteers Make and Impact

    Alumni Volunteers Make and Impact

Play an active role with your alma mater and help advance Stockton University's mission. 


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Help recruit the next class of Ospreys!
Register to volunteer at the 

April 7 Open House

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Your time and talents make a real and tangible impact...

Last year, 271 alumni participated in 37 sponsored volunteer opportunities. 
Together donating 1,856 hours of time.
Collectively valued at more than $44,000, their contributions promote commitment to service and engagement in support of Stockton's mission! 

Whether you live near campus or across the globe, there are many opportunities for you to volunteer. 

  • Complete the Alumni Volunteer Interest Survey Here

  • Volunteer at Admissions Events

  • Mentor Students

  • Participate in Community Service

  • Volunteer at Alumni Events

  • Serve on a Board or Committee

  • Plan Regional Network Events


For questions or to learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact
Kortney Patzelt '16/M.A. '18, Alumni Engagement Coordinator