Theresa Fernbacher

Theresa FernbacherHometown:

West Milford, N.J.

Class Year:

Class 2020 but now graduating with Class of 2019


Hospitality and Tourism Management

How did you benefit from the Career Center?

The Career Center has helped me create an amazing resume and has taught me how to dress professionally.

Why would you encourage a fellow student to go to the Career Center?

The Career Center has a lot more to offer students then they realize. All the resources are there for you, you just have to walk in the door.

Was there a certain staff member at the Career Center that made an impact on your experience?

All the staff in the Career Center has made a huge impact on my experience and has been very helpful! Everyone from the student workers to the director have been so friendly to me.

What resources at the Career Center did you find most helpful?

Resume Rush, mock interviews and the Career Fair.

What are your career/professional goals?

To become a corporate meeting and event planner.

Extracurricular activities:

I have been a part of the Stockton Women’s Tennis Team for three years. I am currently the president of the Stockton Event Planners and am a member for the Hospitality Management Society.

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