Vice President for Student Affairs

A Message from Dr. Christopher Catching 

cccHello, Ospreys! As the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Chief Student Affairs officer at Stockton, I am designated by the President of the university to provide leadership for many of the support and educational resources that impact your student experience.  My colleagues and I are here to help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Stockton is a great place to be! We are all members of the Osprey community, committed to providing a campus environment that is civil, safe, community oriented and respectful to everyone. We adhere to principles supporting the human right to be treated with respect, dignity and care.

Stockton encourages a campus culture that values and understands respectful interaction, and supports that through numerous programs, activities, offices and other resources. We strive to reinforce the values of a decent and honorable community by elevating the civil, respectful behavior and personal responsibility of every Stockton community member. You – our valued Stockton students—are our first priority and our most important partner.

A Culture of Respect is reflected in our shared commitment, goals, values and practices create an inclusive, affirming learning environment where all community members are safe, healthy, connected and excelling. I look forward to seeing you around campus.

Visit the Culture of Respect Web site  for information and resources. 

Our Vision

Stockton Student Affairs will be recognized as a national leader for its impact on inclusive and equitable student success.

Our Mission 

Stockton Student Affairs is a community of educators who provide students with access to transformative learning opportunities that prepare them for lifelong learning, leadership, and success. 

Our Values

  • Student-Centered Education: We value the lived experiences and knowledge that our students bring to the learning environment and the transformative learning opportunities created by multiple perspectives. 
  • Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice: We provide all members of the University community with   access to inclusive learning opportunities and resources in an environment that affirms their identities and supports their well-being and success.   
  • Collaboration and Community: We accomplish our mission through active collaboration with University and community partners to facilitate students’ formal learning in the classroom and formative learning outside of the classroom.  
  • Professional Development and Engagement: We value our role as educators and learners who are committed to creating innovative student-centered best-practices to support inclusive student success.   
  • Responsible Stewardship: We maximize the impact of our work on student learning and success through the usage of outcomes-based strategies that are guided by data and supported by a strategic allocation of our human, financial, technological and physical resources.   

Strategic Priorities

The Division of Student Affairs supports inclusive and equitable student success by focusing on four strategic priorities:

  • Cultivate a Safe and Healthy Learning Environment
  • Promote Students' Sense of Belonging, Engagement, and Development
  • Support Students' Academic Achievement and Post-Graduate Success
  • Strengthen Student Success Strategies, Resources and Impact

Strategic Areas

The Division of Student Affairs is organized to support students’ learning, development, and success in the classroom and outside of the classroom in the following strategic student success areas:

  • Athletics and Campus Recreation
  • Student Advocacy, Belonging and Campus Standards (ABCS)
  • Student Engagement and Community Development
  • Student Health and Wellness
  • Student Living and Learning
  • Student Transitions, Access and Retention (STAR)

 Contact the Vice President for Student Affairs at or 609.652.4225.