Aaron Stoler

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Phone: 609.652.4254
Email: aaron.stoler@stockton.edu
Office: A&S 223
Website/CV: Aaron Stoler Website



I changed my undergraduate major six times, between computer science, engineering, art, physics, biology, and environmental science. I have always thought that life is too short to narrow your interests. Between adventures in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Costa Rica, the Rocky Mountains, Albany, and now southern New Jersey, I have been privileged to work with an incredibly gifted and talented set of advisers and undergraduates.

Outside of my research and teaching, I am passionate about philosophy, the arts, outdoors adventures, music, and cultural diversity. One of my favorite hobbies is beer and wine brewing - mostly because it is part art, part engineering, part biology, part chemistry, and so much about culture. Also, it's just fun... and isn't that the main point?

 Image of Dr. Aaron Stoler, Professor of Environmental Studies at Stockton University



University of Pittsburgh (PhD)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (BS)


Aquatic ecology, wetland ecology, forest ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem function, ecotoxicology, statistics



Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENVL1100)
The Biosphere (GNM 2319)
Ecological Principles (ENVL 2200)
Ecological Principles Lab (ENVL 2205)
Freshwater Ecology (ENVL 3426)


My research interests are broadly focused on freshwater conservation, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology. Under this umbrella of research, I explore interests in global change, animal behavior, physiology, toxicology, microbial ecology, and evolution. I particularly interested in aquatic-terrestrial linkages with an emphasis on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function. I also explore how humans are altering such linkages through freshwater contamination, biodiversity loss, habitat fragmentation, and climate change.



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