Gordan Grguric

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Phone: 609.652.4492
Email: Gordan.Grguric@stockton.edu
Office: USC2-301


 Image of Dr. Gordan Grguric


  • Principal investigator of a bromate modeling project in a closed seawater system
  • researched inorganic ozonation by-products in seawater
  • collaborated with scientific and management personnel at The Living Seas aquarium to maintain the chemical balances in the system
  • analyzed interstitial water from estuarine sediments for a variety of parameters
  • produced computer models for maintaining (1) seawater ratios of major ions, and (2) pH and alkalinity in artificial seawater systems
  • analyzing seawater chemistry in a variety of closed systems
  • conducting studies on bay water chemistry in Great Bay, New Jersey



Ph.D., M.S., Florida Institute of Technology
B.S., Lehigh University


Seawater aquarium chemistry, redox processes, interstitial water, physical and chemical modeling of closed seawater systems.


Program teaching: Introduction to Oceanography, Oceanography II, Marine Chemistry Laboratory and Analysis of Seawater and Sediments
General Studies teaching: The World Ocean and Our Living Planet


I lead a research group in Marine Chemistry. The basis of our work is chemical analysis of samples from a variety of marine environments. Our laboratory is located at the Marine Field Station. Ongoing projects include measurements of salinity (chlorinity), pH, alkalinity and major seawater ions for the local estuarine waters. Field work in Great Bay includes sampling of sediments and analysis of sediment pore water for sulfide, sulfate, ammonia, pH, redox potential and other parameters. 


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