Guy F. Barbato

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone:  609.652.4404
Office: USC–121
Website/CV: Dr. Barbato's Personal Website




Ph.D. Genetics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
M.S. Nutrition, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
B.S. Biology, Wilkes University, Wilkes Barre, PA


Genetics; Statistics; Bioinformatics; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology; Commercialization of Unversity-based Intellctual Property


BIOL 2110 Genetics;
BIOL 2115 Genetics Laboratory;
BIOL 4110 BioInformatics;
BIOL 4236 Systems Biology


Genetics of growth and development; Fertility and fecundity


Reinoso, V. P., R. Katani, and G. F. Barbato. 2007. Nicarbazin reduces egg production and fertility in White Pekin ducks via reducing ZP3 in the perivitelline membrane. Poultry Sci. 86 (Suppl. 1): 536.

Barbato, G. F. and A. MacDonald. Reversible inhibition of sperm receptor synthesis for contraception.
Patent Number: 60/913,034 (Date: 08/2007)

Hammerstedt, R. H., P. G. Cramer and G. F. Barbato. Molecule involved in binding of sperm to egg surfaces and procedures for use of this molecule to enhance or decrease potential fertility. Patent Number: RE39,034 (Date: 3/21/2006)

Anthony, N. and G. F. Barbato (2006) The curve is mightier than the sword. Proceedings of the 55th Breeders Roundtable, Ed. M. Cooper, pp. 32-44. U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, Atlanta, GA.

Ealy A. D., S. K. Wagner, A. E. Sheils, N. C. Whitley, D. O. Kiesling, S. E. Johnson and G. F. Barbato (2004) Identification of interferon-tau isoforms expressed by the peri-implantation goat (Capra hircus) conceptus. Domest Anim Endocrinol. 27:39-49.

Decuypere, E., V. Bruggeman, G. F. Barbato and J. Buyse (2003) Problems associated with selection for increased broiler meat production: growth and reproduction. In: Poultry Genetics: Breeding and Biotechnology. Eds. W. M. Muir and S. E. Aggrey. Pp. 13-28. CABI Publishing, CAB International.

Tajima, A. T., G. F. Barbato, T. Kuwana and R. H. Hammerstedt (2003) Recovery of a genetically selected broiler line using cryopreserved PGCs isolated by newly developed filtration method. Journal of Poultry Science