Adam A. Aguiar

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 609.626.3823
Office: USC-121
Website/CV: Curriculum Vitae



I am a tenure-track, associate professor of biology that has had the rewarding experience of teaching here at Stockton University for over a decade. I completed my PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Delaware in 2011. My dissertation, “The Involvement of Insulin-Like Binding Protein 2 in Prostate Cancer Progression and Metastasis”, focused on the mechanism of a specific protein that promotes prostate cancer aggressiveness.

As a teaching assistant at the University of Delaware, I taught Introductory Biology and Microbiology, as well as lectures in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Cancer Biology. I have completed a Higher Education Teaching Certificate from the University of Delaware. In addition, I have had a year’s teaching experience in tenth grade biology at St. George’s High School through the GK-12 program (in collaboration with the University of Delaware).
Here at Stockton University I teach various biological lectures and labs [e.g., Cells & Molecules, Genetics, Biodiversity and Evolution, Cell Biology, Anatomy and Physiology]. I also constructed and conduct a General Natural Sciences and Mathematics (GNM) course entitled Ecology and Saltwater Fishing, of which I teach on the Atlantic City campus and beaches. 

My research group, Striped Bass Tagging for Stockton (SBTS), collaborates with the American Littoral Society to tag Morone saxatilis in south Jersey waters. We also scale- and tissue-sample our catches before release. These methods hope to provide insight into the migration, behavior, and stock origin proportions of the south jersey mixed migratory stock of this species. 

My outreach program, New Angles for Success (NAS), bridges the state’s Hooked on Fishing; Not on Drugs (HOFNOD) program, my research group, and GNM class to different organizations in the local and regional community. NAS events include fishing activities and simulations, informative lectures on environmental resources and protection measures, and educational youth tutorials and games. Additionally, I am a co-creator of the Scientific Enrichment Academy at Stockton (SEAS) summer program, and a counselor for the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Academy.

Equally passionate to teaching and outreach is my love for saltwater fishing. I utilize prior life experiences in such, and my heightened enthusiasm, to create a more interactive environment in my classes and outreach events. 


Ph.D., Molecular Biology and Genetics
      University of Delaware
Higher Education Teaching Certificate
      University of Delaware
B.S., Biology
      Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, NJ


Molecular Biology and Genetics
Cell Biology


BIOL 1200 - Cells and Molecules Lecture
BIOL 1205 - Cells and Molecules Lab 1205
BIOL 1260 - Anatomy and Physiology for Health Sciences I
BIOL 2260 - Anatomy and Physiology for Health Sciences II
BIOL 1400 - Biodiversity and Evolution
BIOL 2110 - Genetics Lecture
BIOL 2115 - Genetics Lab 
BIOL 3190 - Cell Biology 
GNM 2249 - Ecology and Saltwater Fishing


Migration, Behavior, and Population Health of Morone saxatilis (Striped Bass) in the Northeast Saltwater Environment

Species Diversity and Mechanisms of Ecological Succession on Reef and Wreck Sites off the South Jersey Shore

Assessing Combinatorial Approaches of Active and Traditional Lecturing in College Level Biology Courses



Bonnan MF, Wilhite DR, Masters SL, Yates AM, Gardner CK, Aguiar, A.A. (2013) What Lies Beneath: Sub-Articular Long Bone Shape Scaling in Eutherian Mammals and Saurischian Dinosaurs Suggests Different Locomotor Adaptations for Gigantism. PLoS ONE 8(10): e75216. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0075216 

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