innovationStockton Domain Teams

The domain teams are at the core of innovationStockton. They are charged with exploring literature and best practices around the following variables: Demographics, Engagement, Meaning and Purpose, Technology, and the World of Work. Thus, the domain teams essentially serve as research teams or hubs.

There is an increasingly wider spectrum of students on campus, as the millennial generation graduates and Generation Z arrives. In order to be responsive to the changing needs of this population of students, we need to understand their needs and interests.  This is crucial to informing our efforts with respect to implementing the appropriate service delivery models and programming strategies.

What facilitates engagement?  What type of engagement opportunities are students looking for?  How do we turn engaged students into engaged alumni? This domain focuses on exploring student engagement from a variety of perspectives that will inform our efforts to create meaningful engagement opportunities for our students and alumni.

Traditionally, meaning has been centered around students finding a sense of self and applying that sense of self to goal setting, while purpose has been finitely grounded in getting a job.  This domain examines what meaning and purpose today’s students place on attending college and how that meaning and purpose evolves as they progress through college and beyond.

We need to understand how our students are using technology and establish an infrastructure to allow for continual improvements as technologies and our students change.  This domain focuses on investigating the current and emerging technologies as well as their application relative to effectively meeting the needs of our students.

How do we ensure our students’ career readiness as they prepare for the everchanging workplace?  In addressing this question, it is important that we design co-curricular experiences that build students' skills and competencies, and that we educate them on how to navigate the career development process.  This domain assesses best practices specific to preparing students for careers, thereby informing the types of career services and programs we provide.