Hiring a Manager, Faculty, or AFT Professional

Human Resources has prepared the following guidelines to assist hiring managers and search committees with locating pertinent information regarding the recruitment and hiring process of managers, faculty, and AFT professionals from position inception/approval through onboarding.

The PACT is the authorization to hire and is submitted through our new applicant tracking system, PageUp. The PACT must be approved before the recruitment process can begin.  The PACT should have the following documents attached:  organization chart and job description template.  Budget and Presidential approval will be required if requesting a new line or if the salary requested is higher than the budgeted salary.

Once the PACT is complete start the Search File; the search file should include:

The Office of Human Resources will automatically post all positions on the NJ HERC and Inside Higher Education.  Please refer to the following detailed of suggested advertising venues.

Job Search Waivers are exceptions to the general rule of advertising and searching for an open, available position. Under limited circumstances, exemptions from the job search procedure may apply.  A request for a waiver shall be submitted online through the ATS for review and approval.

Stockton University partners with search firms to conduct national searches for key administrator vacancies. 

The Administrative Support Person and/or the Hiring Manager prepares the nomination file for consideration by the Board of Trustees. The nomination file needs to include all documents listed on the checklist.

For information rearding onboarding, please visit our Manager & Department Onboarding for New Employees page. 

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