Hiring Adjunct Faculty

Human Resources has prepared the following guidelines to assist hiring managers and departments with locating pertinent information regarding the recruitment and hiring process of Adjuncts from position inception/approval through onboarding.

  • The hiring school sends a completed job description template via email to the Talent Acquisition team. The email should include a list of those who will need access to viewing the job posting.  

  • Once the job has been posted, an email notification will be sent to the hiring school 
  • In the Applicant Tracking System, the hiring school will review all applicants and continuously update statuses to the appropriate option (i.e. Reviewed Proceed, Interview Scheduled) until a successful candidate is identified

  • All interviews are conducted by the hiring school

  • Once a candidate is selected, a verbal offer can be made by the hiring school

Once an offer of hire is accepted:

  • Written offers are sent by the hiring school via the Applicant Tracking System; all offers are subject to and contingent upon completion of the University’s mandatory background check and appropriation of funds by the State of New Jersey and receipt by the University

  • Hiring school sends the hired candidate a welcome email instructing them to complete all necessary onboarding forms, including the link for section 1 of the electronic I-9 form

  • I-9 verification must be completed by the hiring school within three days of the new hire's start date

  • Z-number is generated AFTER all onboarding, background check, and I-9 have been completed

  • An ID Card Request Form with the Z-number of the hired adjunct will be sent by Talent Acquisition via email to the hiring school

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