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The Africana Studies program is an interdisciplinary minor that forms an important segment of the liberal arts education for any student. It provides the opportunity for students to study, analyze and systematically evaluate the various disciplines, e.g., history, art and science, from an Africana perspective.

The program continues to attract students from all ethnic,  racial and cultural backgrounds as they recognize ways that this concentration provides them with a forum to examine the intellectual life, the historical experience and the cultural understanding of one of this country’s largest racial minority groups. Students electing to pursue courses in the program are entering into the current intellectual dialog on multiculturalism in this society as they study with professors who have conducted notable research in African, Caribbean, Africana and African-American Studies within their traditional disciplines.

Although students may not major in Africana Studies, they may minor in this area by completing the required core and cognate courses and meeting the grade-point-average criterion. The Africana Studies program at Stockton University is affiliated with the National Council for Black Studies, Inc. (NCBS) and students are eligible to apply for membership in Ankh Wedjau, the National Honor Society for majors and minors in Africana Studies.

Program Organization

A diverse selection of General Studies and program courses relevant to Africana Studies are available. Courses are divided into core and cognate categories. Core courses are further divided into three groups: arts-related, history/culture-related and science-related courses. Both core and cognate courses are offered each academic year. Independent study projects with interested faculty members also are available. In addition, opportunities for study in selected African countries are possible. Group study tours are offered regularly. Students interested in studies in Africa, the Caribbean, South America or Europe should contact the coordinators of Africana Studies and Study Abroad for further details. The Africana Studies program is open to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, religion or ethnic background.

Requirements For The Minor

Each student will be required to take a minimum of four core courses. Two of these must be GSS 2201 Africana Studies: An Introductory Perspective, GIS 4601 African-Americans: A Seminar, the capstone course. The remaining two core courses must be selected from a different group (arts-related, history/culture-related, science-related). The final course may be selected from the core and/or cognate group. Students selecting an independent study as a substitute should discuss this with the program coordinator prior to registration. Students who earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average in their required courses qualify for the minor. Students who earn a 3.5 or greater average in core courses qualify for Ankh Maat Wedjua, the National Honor Society for Africana Studies majors and minors for NCBS. Core and cognate courses are listed below. Interested students should contact the Africana Studies coordinator each term for updates.



Africana Studies