The Stockton Fund

Support the Stockton Experience!

The Stockton Fund is an essential source of unrestricted, immediate-use support for the university. Throughout the year, Stockton Fund donations are used to address the university's most pressing and greatest needs. Stockton Fund donors provide a means for the present of the institution and those who depend on it--students, faculty, staff and the community. By supporting the present, you have an immediate and rewarding impact on the valued "Stockton experience."

The Stockton Fund is a comprehensive effort used to improve student, faculty and alumni initiatives. It is an opportunity for those closest to the university--whether alumni, parents, friends, faculty or staff--to support our vision and mission.

Contributions to the Stockton Fund, from new and existing donors, help to...

  • increase scholarships;
  • enhance student programs;
  • broaden campus life;
  • provide up-to-date technology;
  • promote faculty research;
  • sponsor alumni engagement activities and more.

Your support, combined with those of others, allows the university to respond to priorities, like those above, that have a significant and immediate impact on the "Stockton experience."

Financial Aid Demand

  • More than 84% of Stockton students receive and depend on financial aid assistance. Your support can help provide financial resources to our students, ultimately aiding them in achieving their academic goals in spite of financial hardships.

National Recognition

  • Your support helps Stockton maintain and advance its national rankings among peer schools. This year, Stockton was named to The Princeton Review's 'Best in the Northeast' and 'Green Colleges' lists.

Each gift - large and small - is vital to providing quality Stockton University education. Financial aid demands and national recognition are just two of the many reasons why your support matters. A gift to the Stockton Fund is not only an investment in our students and their futures, but it is a vote of confidence for Stockton University's continued collective growth.