Campus Kitchens at Atlantic City



Campus Kitchen 2018 - 2019 Volunteers, Student Fellows, and Interns

The Campus Kitchens Project

Created in 2010, the Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City has recovered over 17,000 pounds of food and served over 16,000 meals to families in need in Atlantic City, Pleasantville, and Galloway, New Jersey, over the last six years.

Operationally, the national model is centered on a single institutution - a college, university, or high school, through which students collect food to create and deliver meals to needy families in their area.

The Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City is different - it is a multi-community partner model in which each partner's role is critical to the success of the overall program. See the list of partners below.


On Monday mornings, fresh food is recovered from the Food Bank and delivered to Atlantic City High School's commercial kitchen for preparation.

On Monday afternoons, meals consisting of a protein, starch, vegetable and fruit are prepared between 2:00-4:30 pm. The food is then packaged and delivered. Approximately 10-15 high school and university student volunteers staff the kitchen under the supervision of a professional chef and prepare 150 meals per week.

The Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City operates on Mondays from 2:00-5:00pm from September 2018 - May 2019.

What can I do to help?

There are a number of ways you can assist the Campus Kitchens of Atlantic City in its mission to provide nutritious meals to needy children and their families. You can sign up for a specific day - the description of our process below. 

Monday afternoons from 2:00-4:45pm. Stockton students are needed to help prepare meals under the supervision of professional chefs, help place meals in transport containers and clean the kitchen. Stockton students and SCCE Student Fellows then deliever the meals to various locations in Atlantic City and Pleasantville.  Stockton University and Atlantic City High School students work together. A total team should consist of 10-20 Stockton and ACHS students.

Join our Team! Check out the Community Partners for the Campus Kitchens in Atlantic City

Partner #1: Stockton University is the coordinating partner that 1) sets the food collection, cooking, and delivery schedules, 2) recruits college student leaders for the cooking and delivery shifts, and 3) keeps records of food and kitchen activities in accordance with the guidelines of the national Campus Kitchens Project.

Partner #2: Atlantic City Board of Education approved the program to use Atlantic City High School as a base and provides funds for kitchen supplies and materials.

Partner #3: Atlantic City High School approves teacher managers to recruit and staff the program with volunteer high school students for preparation and plating shifts and to work with students on fundraising activities for the Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City.

Partners #4: Sodexo Foods contributes the use of its commercial kitchen at Atlantic City High School in addition to providing pantry, refrigeration, freezer space, general storage and a sous chef.

Partner #5: The Southern Branch of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey provides food products for the Campus Kitchen at Atlantic City for free or at reduced prices. The Food Bank gleans from local grocery stores and farms.

Partner #6: Chartwells Dining Services contributes bread and produce to be prepared every week and hosts an on-campus cooking and delivery shift once a month during the school year. Chartwells donates all of the food and containers for its on-campus shifts.