Course Design Resources

The resources provided on this page are useful for course design and instructional activities. Please contact the CLD for assistance selecting or using these resources.

The syllabus documents provide Stockton content based on best practice in syllabus design for use by Stockton faculty.
Both syllabus documents contain the same information. Syllabus 1 is a text-based syllabus. Syllabus 2 includes visual elements (images). Kindly review instructions provided with the syllabus document (Syllabus 1 Instructions | Syllabus 2 Instructions). Both syllabus documents are easily modified to fit faculty and course needs. Please provide feedback based on your experience using the syllabus document by completing a brief survey:


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List of accessibility resources to help you make your course content more accessible for students


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Use this tool to check your text color contrast to make content accessible


Rice Workload Calculator

Use this tool to estimate the best possible workload for your course